Welcome, friend.

I spent years trying to sort through my sin, pain, and doubts, begging God to please fix me.

So, I find it incredibly frustrating when a Christian romance novel tries to give an easy answer to the hard questions.

Because the hard questions don’t always get answered in this life.

Instead, I want heart-filled, Jesus-centered stories.

Stories where the characters have real problems and need real healing.

Where they help each other grow and become better versions of themselves…even if they aren’t “fixed” by the end of the novel.

(Without skimping on the sweet, swoony romances I love, of course.)

Savanna Ammons Sweet Christian Romance Author

so, I write them.

When I was younger, I let my heart bleed on paper, processing my pain and trauma through my stories. My characters have always had problems, and I thought that was enough to impact people.

But something was missing.

When I started at The Author Conservatory, where I’m learning from experts including Brett Harris, Joanne Bischof DeWitt, and Kara Swanson Matsumoto, I realized I didn’t understand story structure or how to execute a solid plot.

Since then, God has allowed my storytelling to grow, merging character, prose, and plot into a cohesive story.

What will you get when you read my novels?

  • Stories that deal with the hardship of life but don’t skimp on the hope or sweetness
  • Realistic happily-ever-afters
  • Healthy relationships between love interests, or ones that become healthy over time
  • Character growth through or despite mental or chronic illnesses, without glamorizing the condition
  • Real faith in Jesus, including the ups and downs that you and I face every day

Dear reader, if we were standing face-to-face, I’d take your hands, look you in the eyes, and tell you,

“God sees you. God hears you. He doesn’t waste your pain. He’s big enough to handle your doubts and questions. I know it’s hard right now, and it’s okay to need time and help to heal. Don’t give up on Jesus. He has you on a beautiful story of your own.”

“So, do you do anything other than write, Savanna?”

Believe it or not, yes! When I’m not writing, I do other things with books, like read them, listen to them on audiobook, and sort them, since I work as a library assistant at my local library.

You can also find me snuggling with my puppy, talking to my therapist, quoting my nephews, or running my resin business.

And be warned: I’m a huge fan of terrible humor, from puns to dad-level jokes. So, prepare to roll your eyes.

“How can I contact you?”

If you want to reach me, email me at [email protected], message me on Instagram, or fill out the form below. I’d love to hear from you!